Your Dog And Your Lawn

Your Dog And Your Lawn

When you have a dog, your lawn turns into their playground, lounge area, and bathroom. While there isn't much you can do about where they "go", you can handle the situation after the fact. After all, taking care of your lawn isn't an impossible task, even with a dog.

So let's get into the different things to keep in mind when maintaining your lawn as a pet owner. Be sure to contact our team today to learn more about how you can schedule lawn maintenance services here in the Fort Walton Beach area.

Inspect Before You Mow

A good rule of thumb before you start mowing your lawn, is to give it a once over for any debris or items that could damage your mower or give you a hard time in general. These will be things like rocks and dog poop. Dog poop in a mower can mean some nasty business for your surrounding areas or the bag.

Depending on the mower you use, you might not need to remove the poop, but it's good practice anyway to make your lawn healthier and more attractive.

Pet-Friendly Lawn Care Materials

There are lawn care materials, such as weed killers and fertilizers, that can pose a health risk to yourself and your pets. If consumed or inhaled, these things can cause cancer or other serious adverse health effects that are better avoided altogether. There's really no telling what kinds of effects it can have on your dog, so why not choose an all-natural and safe option?

Safer options will make your lawn environmentally friendly and keep your pet happy and healthier for longer.

Toys And Fun

Having the right toys for your pet will help avoid more lawn-damaging activities like digging. Now, this will depend on the kind of dog you have, but if your dog likes to dig you may want to avoid having them hang out on your lawn.

Try to keep an eye on them when they're out on the lawn, engaging with them in such activities as fetch and tug. Digging up your lawn will only spell trouble for you, having to invest more time and money in the lawn maintenance services that you likely want to avoid.

In any case, if you ever need lawn maintenance services such as lawn mowing or mulching, our team is here for you... and your dog!