Protect Your Landscape With Fresh Mulch Installation

Mulch Installation

Looking for the best mulching pros in the Fort Walton Beach area? McKuhen Lawn Maintenance is the business you're looking for. We can help you with all of your lawn maintenance needs from mulching to trimming.

We offer the best lawn maintenance for Fort Walton Beach residents with services that will help make their lawns look healthy all year long. Check those services out below:

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Mulch Installation

McKuhen Lawn Maintenance offers quality mulching services to help your plants thrive and stay healthy all year long. We can help you with all of your mulching needs throughout the year, including mulch installation.

Mulch can be things like compost, wood chips, and other natural materials that help the soil retain its key factors. Contact us today to learn more about the kind of mulch we use for our lawn maintenance services.


Benefits Of Mulching

Mulching ensures that the soil and plants are well taken care of. They provide an insulating layer that both prevents rapid evaporation and retains moisture. This layer also helps protect the soil from the intense heat of the sun as well as from pests.

Mulching, when applied properly, will help the plants live longer and stay healthier. A proper layer will be more than beneficial to your plants. Just be sure to keep an eye on the mulch and replace the layers as needed.

Frequently Asked Mulching Questions

Mulch is an accumulation of natural materials that are used to feed microorganisms within the soil. This helps the soil become healthier and more nutrient-dense for your plants to thrive on. Mulch can be things like compost, wood chips, leaves, or cardboard.

In order to keep your plants healthy and well-fed, it's important to replace your mulch at least once per year. This can all change depending on the weather and overall health of your mulch.

With proper application, the disadvantages of mulching can be minimized. Some disadvantages include the plants not receiving enough water and nutrients due to the mulch being piled too high. Too much mulch can also cause the plant's roots to overheat. If the mulch is piled too high around the trunks of your plants, pests may choose to eat up the trunk of your plants, causing decay.

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