Recognizing Signs Of Drought

Recognizing Signs Of Drought

Florida is no stranger to heat and intense sunlight, which is why it's all the more important to keep an eye on your lawn. Intense heat and sun can prove fatal for any lawn without the right level of maintenance or care. Our team is here to help you recognize the signs of drought and what you can do to remedy those situations.

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Heat And Drought Stress In Lawns

Heat and drought stress in lawns is when your lawn experiences a big reduction in moisture during hot and dry weather. Without the proper intervention, lawns that suffer from this will brown, become brittle, and die out.

The Signs

While the signs aren't always consistent in every case, you may have heat and drought stress if you notice the following:

  • Footprints: A healthy and vibrant lawn will bounce back after having been walked on. One that is dry and experiencing heat and drought stress will not. You will notice footprints in the grass.
  • Discoloration: Healthy and moist grass will be green and vibrant. In the obvious cases of heat and drought stress, the blades will start to brown, either from the tip or the roots. In less obvious cases, you will need to inspect the grass closely as sometimes the discoloration may be a sign of things like pest invasion or disease.
  • Compacted Soil: A healthy lawn will have some squish or give to it. If you try to push a screwdriver into the soil, it should go in without issue. However, a lawn experiencing heat and drought stress will feel tough and hard due to a lack of moisture in the soil.

Treating Heat And Drought Stress

Now that you know what to look for, what do you do if you have a heat-stressed lawn? Well, the first thing to try is watering your lawn more frequently. The ideal time to water your lawn is in the mornings, between 5 AM and 9 AM. This is typically when the sun is low and it's not so hot out where the water will evaporate.

The next thing to try is raising your lawn mowing height. Cutting your lawn too short can expose the base of your blades, exposing them to extreme heat and light. This can burn the grass and dry it out faster over time. When it comes to this lawn maintenance task, never cut off more than a third of the blades' height.